EasyWorship 6.1.7

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A great utility to create religious slideshows.

If you have the need to create slideshows with sacred texts taken from the Bible and mixed with lyrics, images and videos, and the popular PowerPoint doesn't meet your expectations, it's time to try this EasyWorship.

Although initially EasyWorship was designed to create multimedia presentations with elements of the Bible, little by little, it has been adapted to more general needs, so you can also use the program to create any kind of presentation, religious or not.

After downloading and installing EasyWorship onto your computer, when you create any presentation, regardless of its subject, you can customize the content to your liking by changing the fonts, topics, select the images you want to appear and even the music to accompany the entire presentation. You can choose from among the many different types of transitions, to give your presentation a more elegant or dramatic touch.

Being a program designed primarily to help create elements that accompany your religious celebrations and exhibitions, in the same program you will find numerous verses of Genesis in both English and in other languages like Spanish, together with slides and other elements ready for you to quickly create your religious multimedia presentation.

Thanks to EasyWorship you can create very useful slideshows and presentations for parishioners so that they can accompany the reading of the Holy Scriptures in complete comfort, interactively. But don't forget that with EasyWorship you can also create other types of presentations and forget once and for all about how tedious it is to work with PowerPoint.

And best of all is that EasyWorship can be downloaded totally for free. What are you waiting for?


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